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 Forum Ranks

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PostSubject: Forum Ranks   Fri Jun 24, 2011 4:42 pm

Forum Ranks

You earn Experience Points by winning a brawl match against a member, and posting your results in the Report Thread. Your total EXP amount determines your Forum Rank. If you need information on any topic, visit the below links.

Experience Points Thread
Forum Ranks
Rank Match Report Thread

Below you can find all Forum Ranks and the amount of Experience Points (EXP) needed to achieve each one. Don't be disheartened by the numbers, you'll reach it eventually. ;P

{Rank Image}
[Rank Number]-Rank Name: EXP Required

[0]-Recruit: 0 EXP

[1]-Private I: 1 EXP

[2]-Private II: 10 EXP

[3]-Private III: 34 EXP

[4]-Corporal I: 80 EXP

[5]-Corporal II: 156 EXP

[6]-Corporal III: 270 EXP

[7]-Sergeant I: 429 EXP

[8]-Sergeant II: 640 EXP

[9]-Sergeant III: 911 EXP

[10]-Sergeant IV: 1,250 EXP

[11]-Lieutenant I: 1,664 EXP

[12]-Lieutenant II: 2,160 EXP

[13]-Lieutenant III: 2,746 EXP

[14]-Lieutenant IV: 3,430 EXP

[15]-Captain I: 4,219 EXP

[16]-Captain II: 5,120 EXP

[17]-Captain III: 6,141 EXP

[18]-Captain IV: 7,290 EXP

[19]-Major I: 8,574 EXP

[20]-Major II: 10,000 EXP

[21]-Major III: 11,576 EXP

[22]-Major IV: 13,310 EXP

[23]-Commander I: 15,209 EXP

[24]-Commander II: 17,280 EXP

[25]-Commander III: 19,531 EXP

[26]-Commander IV: 21,970 EXP

[27]-Colonel I: 24,604 EXP

[28]-Colonel II: 27,440 EXP

[29]-Colonel III: 30,486 EXP

[30]-Colonel IV: 33,750 EXP

[31]-Brigadier II: 37,239 EXP

[32]-Brigadier II: 40,960 EXP

[33]-Brigadier III: 44,921 EXP

[34]-Brigadier IV: 49,130 EXP

[35]-General I: 53,594 EXP

[36]-General II: 58,320 EXP

[37]-General III: 63,316 EXP

[38]-General IV: 68,590 EXP

[39]-General V: 74,149 EXP

[40]-Hollow Knight: 80,000 EXP

[41]-Hollow Hero: 86,151 EXP

[42]-Hollow Legend: 100,000 EXP

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Forum Ranks

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