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 THB clan combo video. Submit your clips!

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PostSubject: THB clan combo video. Submit your clips!   Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:33 pm

First topic message reminder :

Me and Bio are in charge of the clan combo video. Were currently accepting clips. We need the video file. If its unedited then we need to know what portion you want in the video. If you can't get the replay to your computor, you can send it to us by adding mine or Bio's Wii number.

Our Wii numbers:
NoTrace: 0515 2526 4386 8371
Bio: ???

I need the clips organized perfectly so I won't get confused about whats what. When you send me a clip or clips, use this form:

Who(using who) vs Who(using who)
What part you want in the clip
Description of what happened(to make it easier to edit in/out)

For example:
NoTrace(G&W) vs BIO(R.O.B)
G&W gimped R.O.B
Gimped R.O.B with 2 Fairs to drain R.O.B's fuel for the KO of his second stock

Current clips:
Lucario vs Snake (NoTrace)
Lucario combos

Wairo vs Samus (Zerozeroweasel)

Ganon vs Marth (If red it was Dark Falchion) *I'll find out next time I'm on my Wii
Got some good Side B follow ups

Ganon vs Captain Falcon (ZERO)
Early kills and longish tech chase 5 stocked

Ganon vs Ganon (Migue)
Migue hit me as I was coming down with my Wizkick
On my last stock I made a huge comeback

Wolf vs Captain Falcon (Blue Falcon5)
Got some nice attack chains

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PostSubject: Re: THB clan combo video. Submit your clips!   Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:35 pm

heres another one with my ike
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PostSubject: Re: THB clan combo video. Submit your clips!   Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:23 pm

hey trace, are you still doing this? if not, then i can start taking clips for the combo video if you can't/ dont wanna do this anymore

all i gotta do is put them all on 1 dvd and then rip the files and then convert them and put them into iMovie and clip them Razz it'll take a while though
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PostSubject: Re: THB clan combo video. Submit your clips!   

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THB clan combo video. Submit your clips!

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