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 i need to get rid of this pain

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Posti need to get rid of this pain

i'm going to try and make this last school year with my family count, although, i have been kinda neglected by my parents,
they only seem to care about my little sister and the things she does
for fun, they take her to events that are hours away (they even drove
her to alabama for her to play softball), and they won't even take me
to my cousin's house, which is 45 minutes away, and now they left me
home alone for the weekend with a list of chores and $20 so they could
take my sister up to New Hampshire, and i feel very lonely

also always seem to think that I won't be interested in traveling with
them to watch my sister's softball games, but i would love to support
whatever she does, even if no one wants to support me

and i
think that it's the lack of support from my parents and other loved
ones is what is causing me to be distracted in school, getting me bad
grades, and caused me to develop chronic depression, which gives me suicidal thoughts

i think that
brawl is just isolating me from my family, same with all my other video
games that i play, so i think i might quit smash in the near future,
probably after the tournament i'm hosting in september, because even
though i am ignored, i still love my family, they're all i have, and i
feel as if i don't mean much to them, and i really want that feeling to go away, it really hurts
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i need to get rid of this pain :: Comments

Re: i need to get rid of this pain
Post on Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:11 pm by Oscar (ODSS)
........suicidal?..... thats baaaaad, your getting suicidal thoughts or r u saying stuff that connects to suicide ? neway if you think your parents love and adore ur sister moar then your wrong, if you want that feeling of neglect to go away go with your parents to wherever theyre going ,to support your sister , family etc ......wait do u choose to stay at home or do they leave u alone? i stay home only during the day caus its boooorinnng in mex and in san diego i dont stay at night cause im afraidof gosts
Re: i need to get rid of this pain
Post on Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:13 pm by Oscar (ODSS)
im not kidding about the ghost thing im afraid ....stupid ghost shows .....,and aliens btw
Re: i need to get rid of this pain
Post on Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:23 pm by Guest
i don't choose to stay at home, i much prefer being out and about, my parent's just say "we didn't think you'd care much about what we did"
Re: i need to get rid of this pain
Post on Sat Aug 14, 2010 8:14 pm by Eggdude
It's good that you're letting your feelings out, even if it is online. If your feeling so bad, and so hurt inside, just talk to someone. As a guy, I know people say it's "unmacho" to let your feelings show. That would be one of the reasons why I always put on a smile to hide any feelings I'm not comfortable with. I'm sure your parents love you, and I am assuming your sister is younger as well, so that would be a reason she seems to get more "attention".
Just tell your mom or dad how you feel.

Knowing what is your priority is great, and making your family your priority is wondeful. I respect that. However, do not cut off from everything that makes you happy, some sacrifice is fine, but what's the point if you're sad all the time.

Which leads to my last point, suicide is one of the most selfish things any could do. In being lost in emotions, people don't realize that in trying to end their pain, they hurt everyone they care about in such a horrible and suffering way. I've had a couple suicides in my school, and I just remember thinking how bad it was. Here these kids are, with so many years ahead of them, all they could've have done, gone.

You may not realize it, but more people care about you than you think, shucks, I may not actually know you, but I still consider you my friend, and someone I care about. You just can't help but grow close to people after you've been with them for so long.
Bottom line, suicide hurts more than it solves.

Just remember,
You are not alone!
Re: i need to get rid of this pain
Post on Sat Aug 14, 2010 8:56 pm by Kirbachu
Dude, don't worry about it! You got your friends to help you out, I can hang most of the time since I have my car now. happy kirby

Also I've had trouble with my parents ignoring me for a little sibling, although he isn't as old as your sister, he needs 10x as much attention because he is a baby still. So I'm cope with online games as well. I don't consider myself alone because I have people from THB, Maplestory, and my friends from school to chat with and play games with. You really aren't alone as the internet connects us all.

Your parents really love you man, they let you go to art school and hang on your own in your house and everything. You can't blame them for poor school work or problems like that because thats your job. (i've learned this lesson myself). I thought bad grades got their attention, but its not what I wanted, I discovered that getting good grades and learning to find friends elsewhere really helped.

Now I live with my grandparents a lot due to my Mom being afraid that I can't survive a day in my house... but I have the freedom of Driving and so do you! Feel free to use that freedom!
Re: i need to get rid of this pain
Post on Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:45 am by EmoBlackRain69
hey heavy i may not know u very well but i really see where u coming frm even my gf said that was sad but i really wish the best for you man u seem to be going through alot stress n thats not good for some1 your age dude really its not i hope everything start going well for you cause thats really sad mah gf went through the same thing she had problems with her family neglecting her but anyways i hope for the best for you and u should get threapy because those suicidal thoughts are dangerous Sad
Re: i need to get rid of this pain
Post on Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:11 pm by Guest
i'm actually on a medicine for people with bipolar disorder, my psychiatrist said that is has a side benefit to treat depression, and i take it every night, it helps me forget about things

thanks for the comment, kisuke, glad you care Smile
Re: i need to get rid of this pain
Post  by Sponsored content

i need to get rid of this pain

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